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Standard Lace Up Ankle BraceAnkle Braces for Netball

If you're a netball player, you're probably familiar with the impact your ankles endure during games and training. This can result in sprains or more severe injuries that can sideline you for the entire season. This is where ankle braces come into play. They offer the necessary support and stability to keep your ankles secure and protected while you're on the court.

How do Ankle Injuries happen in Netball

When participating in netball, it is common to experience frequent ankle injuries, with sprains being the most prevalent. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments are stretched too far, resulting in tears and swelling. These injuries typically require rest, ice, and physiotherapy for proper healing. Individuals who suffer from multiple ankle sprains may endure chronic pain and instability, and they may even face a higher risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life

To prevent such injuries, ankle braces can offer additional support and stability to weakened or vulnerable ankles. These braces provide compression, which reduces swelling and promotes faster healing by stimulating blood flow. Selecting the right ankle brace depends on personal factors such as your level of play, injury history, and comfort preferences. By taking proactive measures such as using an ankle brace to protect your ankles, you can enhance your performance and longevity on the netball court

How do Ankle Braces Work: Giving Stability and Support with some flexibility

Ankle braces function by offering stability and support to the ankle joint, which is crucial for netball players who frequently make sudden directional changes during games or training sessions. These braces are designed to limit excessive movements while still allowing for a normal range of motion. Additionally, the compression provided by the brace aids in reducing swelling and inflammation, which can cause pain and discomfort

When selecting an ankle brace, it is important it fits comfortably and securely around your ankle without restricting blood flow. It should also offer sufficient support without impeding your mobility on the court. Ankle braces are available in various styles, such as lace-up, sleeve-style, or wrap-around designs. Lace up design is the most popular for Netball as it provides easy adjustment to contour around your ankle and the boot ensures snugness around the ankle. Some stirrup design although provide good support can separate from the heel causing the ankle brace to fail. And neoprene wrap style don’t offer enough support for Court sport although adequate for rehab

In summary, wearing an ankle brace is an effective method of injury prevention and self-protection during netball games or training sessions. By offering stability and support to the ankles, these braces ensure your safety and security while allowing you to perform at your best. Therefore, it is important to select the appropriate pair of ankle braces that satisfy both practicality and style preferences and just as important the ankle braces are fitted properly.

Types of Ankle Braces for Netball: Which One is Right for You?

As mentioned there is several different styles of Ankle Braces ut we are dedicated to courts sports particularly Netball we have only sourced the lace up figure 8 style for their functionality

There is 2 designs

STANDARD LACE UP ankle brace

All the benefits of the comfortable boot design in breathable webbing, lace up to customise feel and support. The figure 8 straps to secure the Ankle and plastic stays or inserts which give additional support but no vital and can be removed if desired to improve comfort around the ankle region

Standard Lace Up Ankle BRace

QUICK LACE ankle brace

Same benefits of standard lace up to customise feel and support but the linked lace design on each side of the boot allows quicker tighting and faster to be ready to use for sport. Figure 8 straps to secure the Ankle (Note no plastic stays or inserts on this model)

Quick Lace Ankle Brace