Adjustable Metal Hinged Knee Brace - Benefits of wearing

Why Wear a Adjustable Hinged Knee Brace


Hinged knee brace is most commonly used for Post Op patients while recovering from their operation. It can also be used to play some sports while recovering from injury also

An Adjustable Metal Hinged Knee Brace gives stability, support and convenience of use to remove on & off when required such as showering instead of getting strapping tape wet and uncomfortable or having to retape again. Depending on length of time of recovery it can be a more cost effective method to recover from injury of operation


Why is SGA Adjustable Metal Hinged Knee Brace the best for Post Op or injury?


We specifically sort feedback and input from Physiotherapists when asked to range this product. As we saw many braces were not suitable in the market.

Some key factors were that many cheaper braces were not suitable in sizing for Australia legs and undersized especially both patella & leg sizing. The brace had to be easy to remove and to be adjustable unlike sleeve style braces.

Also the length of neoprene brace both above and below the patella was insufficient. Therefore, in consultation with the factory we designed a Knee Brace to address these issues and be of premium quality suitable for Australians at an affordable cost.


Note As always with any injuries you should seek professional medical advice as what is required for treatment

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