Kinesiology Tape - Benefits of Using


Kinesiology tape is a specialized therapeutic tape designed to offer a range of advantages for physical support and performance. Crafted from a blend of materials like cotton, elastic fibers, and polyester, this tape provides flexible and comfortable support, making it suitable for various needs. Its unique adhesive, activated by heat, ensures a secure fit while being gentle on the skin. With its remarkable elasticity, kinesiology tape can stretch significantly beyond its original length, aiding in muscle support, pain relief, and improved mobility. Whether you're an athlete seeking injury prevention or someone in need of targeted muscle support, kinesiology tape is a versatile solution that adapts to your lifestyle and enhances your well-being.


Developed by Dr Kenso Kase the Kinesiology Tape provides several main functions

-Giving Muscle support
  Fatigued muscles can be assisted by the additional blood circulation Kinesiology Tape may cause and the taping itself
-Treating Injuries &  Rehabilitating Ligaments & Tendons
  The flexible Tape allow movement in the taped area but gives additional support
-Potentially minimising pain pathways
 Physiotherapists have utilized kinesiology taping to elevate the skin above tense and knotted muscles, facilitating a decompression of the area. This process triggers distinct pain receptors to relay altered signals to the brain, resulting in the reduction of tension within trigger points. Supporting this notion, a study from 2015 highlighted that a combined approach of kinesiology tape application and manual pressure led to a reduction in trigger point pain and an enhancement in flexibility among individuals.

-Mending & Correcting Joint problems
  Increase curculation a study showed on a knee joint can lead to more space and freedom around the joint when taped

-Activating pain relief with the body Removing Congestion to the flow of body fluids
  If you're recovering from an injury, kinesiology tape offers potential benefits by enhancing circulation and diminishing swelling in the affected area. Supported by a 2017 study showcasing improved blood flow and lymphatic fluid circulation, this tape aids in managing fluid balance within the body. The application of kinesiology tape is believed to create added subcutaneous space, effectively altering pressure gradients beneath the skin, thus promoting the flow of lymphatic fluid. While research outcomes vary, recent studies demonstrate its effectiveness in reducing fluid buildup following breast cancer treatment and total knee replacements. Moreover, the altered lymphatic flow could accelerate bruise healing, with some individuals anecdotally noting distinct color differences between taped and untaped areas upon tape removal.

Prior to Kinesiology Tape, rigid taping was used to fix or hold problem areas in place with little or no movement
Kinesiology Taping is designed to flex with the body movement and therefore improve the healing process as well as giving support where needed. Good quality Kinesiology Tape should stretch both length ways as well as sideways

More recently Kinesiology Tape it is becoming ever more popular with athletes for the many benefits it provides
These are
-Reducing swelling & Inflammation
-Pain Relief
-Muscle Cramps
-Strength to injured or weak muscles & ligaments
-Support to injured or weak muscles & ligaments
-A quicker recovery from injuries
-Give the athlete the ability to continue to play sport

'Support Guards Australia' has sourced the best quality tape to last longer and work better in its operation. It has excellent waterproof qualities so it is possible to use in water i.e. Swimming, intense sweating or while bathing/showering.
These are backed by our manufacturer with Quality Assurance & Conformity Certifications

This quality ensures our Kinesiology Tape stretches correctly unlike cheaper poor quality Kinesiology Tapes. Cheaper Kinesiology Tapes can either stretch with too much and do not give correct support at all or not enough and therefore restrict the muscle or ligament too much with no benefit. This can lead the the Kinesiology Tape being too uncomfortable and even fall off after a short time

Kinesiology Tape is applied several ways either in the following shapes/patterns I,V, X & Y

It is important that the Kinesiology Tape is applied correctly and in the right areas. We strongly recommend you get professional assistance in applying the Kinesiology Tape as incorrect Kinesiology Taping will have little of now benefit.
If you have diagonesd an injury we have suggested ways to Kinesiology Tape that injury

It has been suggested without evidence that some colours vary in application but this is not the case. Each different colour has the same stretch qualities as each other. Although some colours can evoke different emotions within the athlete i.e. Blue has a calming affect, Beige & Black are neutral and Reds can evoke discomfort in one's mind.

'Support Guards Australia' Kinesiology Tape can be cut to your own desired lengths minimising waste. Handy grid backing paper makes this easy to do. We also suggest you round off the corners of each length you cut as sharp corners will lift and may cause the Kinesiology Tape to starting peeling off unnecssarily.
Note we also sell special Kinesiology Tape scissors, these have a titanium non stick blades which give you accurate cutting with a small nodule on the end of the bottom blade which stops digging into or scratching the skin.
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