Fixation Tape - Why use and Benefits


Fixation tape was originally designed to be used as a quick means of dressing wounds post operation

It has excellent adaptability and flexibility qualities for applying to the sensitive skin especially where there is stretching or movement with a multitude of uses for a hospital patient.

Now with sports injuries being ever more prevalent and awareness to protect joints and limbs more important, rigid strapping tape is common practice these days to limit or prevent injuries.

The draw backs of Rigid tape are it has adhesive which is made commonly made from a zinc oxide. The strength of this adhesive as well as its ingredients can be very harsh to many skins types especially if used regularly due to sport or training. This leads sensitive skin to get a rash or break therefore making it uncomfortable or almost impossible to strap

As a way around this Fixation Tape is now being used by many sports people and Physios as a base tape and applied to the limb or joint prior to Rigid strapping. It friendly adhesive plus its soft, porous, flexible material make it perfect  for this.

 Commonly known as Hypafix® or Fixuomull®


  •          5 cm & 10cm x 10metres
  •          Made from Non woven material
  •          Latex Free adhesive, low allergenic for sensitive skin
  •          Minimises skin problems such as rashes
  •          Grid backing tape for precise cutting
  •          Great initial and permanent adhesion..
  •          Easy to apply onto skin around joints
  •          Soft and pliable, moves with joints
  •          Permeable to air and water vapour to handle sweating and allow skin to breathe



  •          Commonly use as under-wrapping with Rigid Strapping tape for its Skin-friendly qualities
  •          Ideal  for wound dressing
  •          2 widths available
  •          5cm ideal for joints such as Knees,Ankles,Elbows & Wrists
  •          10cm for limbs and body ie shoulders



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